What I Offer

Virtual 1:1 Consultations

As a dancer, I understand how busy your schedule can be and that’s why I offer one on one consultations virtually. Whether it’s before rehearsal, in between performances or after a full day of training, we can connect online at time that works for you.


The Benefits

With My Guidance You Will...

Aspiring dancer

– Develop independent meal planning and preparation skills to optimally fuel your body

– Prevent injuries and speed recovery

– Build a healthy relationship with food and love what your body can do for you

Professional dancer

– Nutrition requirement evaluation

– Build confidence on how to fuel your body (what, when, how) for optimal performance

– Prevent injuries and speed recovery

– Learn how your relationship with food can sustain your career

Retired dancer

– Learn the skills to fuel your body’s changing needs (what, when, how)

– Develop eating plans to enjoy foods without guilt or shame

– Build a healthy relationship with yourself and your body

I Can't Wait To Work with You!!

Well hey there dancer....


Initial Consultations

In the first session (60-75 minutes), we will start talking about your nutrition goals and concerns. I practice a well-rounded approach to health and will take the time to understand your lifestyle as a whole, past medical history, barriers to achieving health goals and how you would like to work together.

At the end of our session, we will establish specific and achievable goals that you feel confident and comfortable with. Providing continuous support is important to me and that’s why I am available between sessions to answer questions and make sure you are getting the most from your plan.


Follow Up Consultations

In the 45 minute follow up sessions, we will discuss the root causes of barriers you experienced and celebrate what went well with your nutrition plan.

I will provide you with tailored advice and easy to use resources to overcome barriers and build on your successes. At the end of the session, we will work together to modify or add to your goals so that you are one step further ahead on your dance nutrition journey.

Included in All
One-On-One Consults

What Differentiates Centre Stage Nutrition?

Client Centered – Continuous Support – Concise – Collaborative

Client Centered

Client Centered

I take the time to listen and understand your individual needs and lifestyle to develop a plan that connects to the stage of your dance journey and complements your day to day life.

Continuous Support

Continuous Support

I will create a fun, comfortable and supportive environment to help you through all stages of your career and evolving needs.



Whether its talking about nutrition research or providing resources to help you execute your goals, I keep it concise and simple with no guesswork.



I aim to build a relationship with you based on mutual trust and respect to work together towards your nutrition goals.

frequently asked questions

A referral is not mandatory.  You can book a discovery call or initial 1:1 consultation through my website.

Please email me at jenny@centrestagenutrition.com and I will respond back within 24-48 hours to chat further. 

Registered Dietitian services are covered under some insurance plans.  Check with your insurance provider and find how to submit payment for reimbursement.

I provide an invoice after your consult and you can pay directly online through your client portal

The aspiring consultation is offered at a discounted student rate to support dancers early on in their career with a lower salary.