Health and Wellness Bundle


Tune into this 3 part webinar series where you will learn nutrition and physical therapy tips to enhance recovery, minimize injuries and optimize performance throughout your dance career.

Tune into this 3 part webinar series with Dietitian Jenny and Physiotherapist Erika, where you will learn how to; 

Webinar #1: Optimize Performance

  • How to fuel before, during and after dance for more energy and better performance
  • Strategies to take back your time with meal prepping and planning tips for convenient and stomach friendly foods
  • Common nutrition and physical therapy mistakes to avoid before, during and after dance

Webinar #2: Minimize Injury Risk and Burnout

  • How to maintain a healthy relationship with food and body image both in and out of the studio
  • How to include foods that will nourish your body and prevent injuries
  • The most common causes of injuries in dancers and how to prevent them
  • Recommendations for optimal training load for dancers – including cross training and supplementary training recommendations

Webinar # 3: Enhance Recovery

  • Strategies to help your body recover faster – whether you’re recovering from an intense training session or an injury
  • Top tips on how to eat when recovering – even when you aren’t dancing as much!
  • Which foods to add in to promote better healing and recovery