Fuelling Fundamentals

For professional, competitive and recreational dancers

Who want to know how to nourish their body all year round. A monthly membership made for dancers by a dancer and now Registered Dietitian.

Are You a Dancer?

Do you want to have your best performance, but;

Low Energy

Low Energy

You run out of energy mid way through rehearsal or on stage and rely on energy drinks or coffee to keep you going


Confused on how 
to fuel

You are confused with how to fuel throughout 2+ hour dance days


Overwhelmed by 
diet culture

You feel overwhelmed by diet culture messages and don’t know who to trust with nutrition information


Constant Injuries

You feel held back by injuries


Don't know how to adapt 
your nutrition

You don’t know how to adapt and be flexible with nutrition for your training and season

Do you start thinking about fuelling around performance time but realize it’s too late? Nutrition should be a focus all year round!

No more Googling

If you are sick of Googling everything, left feeling more overwhelmed and have no clue anymore who to get your nutrition advice from. You are not alone.

The truth is the dance industry is an industry of it’s own.
They believe in unrealistic body ideals and dance diet culture. Demonizing important nutrients like carbs and encouraging a dieting approach that leaves you underfulled with more injuries and a poor relationship with food.

Just because you don’t want to succumb to the dance industry pressures, doesn’t mean you don’t want to succeed.

I’m here to tell you that you can have it both ways.
You can be the best dancer you aspire to be and you don’t need to sacrifice eating foods you enjoy, foods that fuel you and foods that nourish you.

You can be a successful dancer even if you:

Is it time you started to embrace the role nutrition plays in your dance life? If you are reading this, nodding your head and feeling inspired, this is the Fuelling Fundamentals Membership.


The reviews


I began working with Jenny while I was waiting to start a new contract. After going through a long injury process my physiotherapist and I were brainstorming ways that I could support my body moving forward. Jenny has given me a much deeper understanding around nutrition and my needs as an athlete. I have loved being able to go through my work days with her and map out when I will be refuelling and what that will consist of. As a professional dancer I always want to be able to perform at the highest level. I need enough energy and strength to get through long, exhaustive rehearsal days and I need to be able to fully recover as quickly as possible. Since incorporating Jenny’s advice into my daily routines I have more energy during training and rehearsals and I am much more informed on what my body needs in order to perform at its best. As a professional dancer and high level athlete that knowledge is vital. Thank you Jenny!

Picture This

The membership covers all the fundamentals of how to fuel as a dancer to meet your dancer nutrition needs and feel supported all year round. It’s split up into 3 main pillars:

Setting the Stage

You will get confident in knowing what a dancer really needs and how to challenge the old school dancer ideal

Practice makes Progress

You will gain skills to build your own fuel plan that works for your schedule


You will optimize your performance with adapting your fuel plan

Why work with me?

I have a 17 year history as a dancer and now Dietitian and owner of Centre Stage Nutrition. I get the dancer world and understand the confusion with how to fuel alongside the high demands and pressure to look a certain way throughout your career. I work with dancers virtually across Canada and internationally for dance nutrition workshops.



I have Worked With

Helping you Succeed

My 3 Part Framework


  • Pre-corded educational videos, released each month to watch on your own time
  • Increase your knowledge and skills to know how to fuel as a dancer with topics that are relevant to your season

Get Inspired

  • 5 meal ideas released each month that are easy and realistic to add into your schedule
  • Something to keep you inspired when you are in a meal planning rut and don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen


  • Join the live group Q&A discussion with other dancers and parents
  • Learn from each other through wins + challenges PLUS get your questions answered in real time


Your Investment

Monthly Payment - $24.99

Helping you fuel your body so you can nail your performances, competitions and auditions without suffering from ongoing injuries and exhaustion.

In the first 90 days, you can expect to;

  • Feel supported by other dancers and parents going through similar challenges
  • Get inspired with more meal ideas (who loves being in a meal rut?)
  • Have the tools to start to build better body image
  • Recover faster to be ready for the next day of dancing
  • Have more energy to last throughout class

Topic's we'll cover include:

  1. How to fuel in between performances
  2. Nutrition habits to avoid for better recovery and less injuries
  3. Ditching diet culture and old body image beliefs
  4. Unintentionally/Intentionally undereating
  5. 4 step meal planning system
  6. Bulding your performance meal plan


Right when you join, this will be waiting for you

Your Investment

Monthly Payment $24.99

Who it is for

This is for dancers of all ages including parents that are:

1. Motivated to learn and improve their performance

2. Wanting to connect with other dancers and families

3. Willing to take action and make small changes for progress

4. Looking to get inspired with meal ideas

5. Want support all year round but don’t have the time for 1:1 support?

Who it is not for

- Dancers that are looking for a quick fix or meal plan

- Dancers that are looking to count calories or restrict food groups

- Dancers that are looking for perfection in eating

What others are aaying

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frequently asked questions

If you feel that you have gotten the information you need, you can unsubscribe at any time. 

Yes.  The recordings of the group discussions will be available within 48 hours of the group discussion.

Feel free to reach out through the chat function and I will get back to you within 2 days.

Individualized support can be provided upon request.  Reach out at any time and I can help you with an option that suits your needs and level of support for success. 

The monthly reflections and quizzes are optional.  However, in order to get the most out of the membership, I highly encourage participation so that you can see success after applying the information for your schedule!

Your Investment

Monthly Payment - $24.99

Helping you fuel your body so you can nail your performances, competitions and auditions without suffering from ongoing injuries and exhaustion.

The dancer Recovery Plan

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