Dancer Nutrition Workshops

Helping Your Dancers Achieve Optimal Nutrition

Are your dancers not performing to their potential and you think it has something to do with what they are eating, or not eating?

Do you want to improve the health and performance of your dancers by giving them the nutrition skills and knowledge they need to bring their best selves to rehearsals and performance?

Nutrition Has It's Role

I know your dancers haven’t nailed their nutrition yet. Imagine what they could do and how they could dance if they understood how they could fuel to optimize performance

As a dance educator/studio owner or director, does this sound familiar?

Know Where The Difference Lies

You Need Somebody Who Understands The Dancer World

You’ve been surrounded by dancers your whole life and you know the one thing that differentiates the best dancers is connecting their mind, body and nutrition all together.

That’s where I come in. I might be biased by my passion for nutrition but I believe it can make the biggest impact on the health (and performance) of a dancer. You need somebody that understands the dancer world and can guide your dancers to use nutrition as a tool to optimize their training and performance.

Most dancers I speak too think they need to eat less carbs, lose more weight, train harder and longer to perform and be the best dancer they can be. I get it, dancers are under a lot of stress, and are pushed to maintain a certain body image. I’m here to tell you that nutrition is one of the best kept industry secrets to optimizing training and performance with faster recovery, less injuries and a longer, healthier career.

My nutrition workshops may be just what you are looking for!

A little bit about me...

dietitian & dancer

I have a 17 year history as a dancer, 10 years as a Dietitian and owner of Centre Stage Nutrition. I understand the intense physical demands and the pivotal role nutrition can play in maximizing and prolonging dancer careers. I have taught nutrition workshops for Arts Umbrella and work with dancers virtually. With a background in project management and quality improvement, I am committed to personalizing each workshop based dancer needs. I create a safe and relatable environment to help your dancers build skills on how to fuel, have more energy and body confidence with faster recovery after training and injuries.

Companies I've Worked With

Guest Interviews

To hear more about my approach to dancer nutrition, check out my guest interviews below;


to my dancer nutrition workshops!

What dancers are saying about the workshops….

what did you learn?

What new information did you learn from the workshops?

what did you like?

What did you like about the workshops?

How will my nutrition workshops benefit your dancers?

Confidence on how to fuel their body for a long career and maintain their body image

Increased energy to bring their best to auditions, long rehearsals and performances

Skills to prevent injuries, reduce muscle soreness and recover faster

How to manage a healthy relationship with food alongside cast parties and outings

Realistic and sustainable meal and snack plans for a busy dancer lifestyle

What Do My Workshops Look Like?

Customized to meet your needs:

  • Minimum 60 minute presentation or 4-6 week intensive
  • Virtual or in person
  • Ongoing question and answer period or private Facebook group
  • Interactive personalized content based on the learning needs of your dancers – I send a short survey to your dancers to get to know them and what nutrition topics they want to learn more about

Follow up:

A survey to collect feedback from your dancers and share information with you on how confident they feel in applying the information, what they learned and what they would improve


Your dancers will walk away with a summary of the information we discussed to build on their knowledge

Workshop Topics

Want to know more ?

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frequently asked questions

I send an electronic invoice through my system called Practice Better and you can pay directly online. If that isn’t an option, you can also mail me a cheque.
This is totally optional to make the workshop as personalized as possible for your dancers. If you already know nutrition topics that are of interest to your dancers, I can start developing the workshop content.
Of course! Workshops can be offered on a one off basis, monthly or quarterly.

Absolutely, I would love to provide one on one guidance to your dancers if they are interested and/or in need of further advice. You can share my contact details with your dancers and they can email me directly at OR they can book a FREE 20 minute discovery call to know more about what I can offer.