Nutrition for aspiring, professional, and retired dancers

I understand the challenges you face in fueling your body for performance and being in a culture that can have unrealistic body image expectations.

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The Dancer
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Does This Sound Familair?

the aspiring dancer

– Are you overwhelmed with conflicting information on how to fuel for dance?

– Are you feeling lost when it comes to meal planning and preparation?

– Are you worried that you won’t look like the other dancers?

the professional dancer

– Are you uncertain if you are meeting your nutrition needs as a dancer and what to eat to improve performance?

– Are you frustrated with frequent injuries?

– Are you scared of gaining weight and feeling self-conscious in your own body?

the retired dancer

– Are you confused on how to eat for your body’s changing needs and new lifestyle?

– Are you feeling guilt or shame when indulging in foods?

– Are you scared you will lose your dancer body?

Dancer Nutrition Workshops

Helping Your Dancers Achieve Optimal Nutrition

Discover everything you need to know about our workshops that will certainly help your dancers achieve optimal  nutrition and performance.



Meet your Founder & Registered Dietitian

Hi, I’m Jenny, Registered Dietitian and Founder of Centre Stage Nutrition. With a competitive dance career that spans over 17 years, I understand the unique challenges that you face with navigating a culture of unrealistic body expectations while sustaining the unmatched physical demands of the sport. I specialize in helping dancers navigate this journey throughout their career and achieve their nutrition goals.

How I Differentiate

Client Centered - Collaborative - Concise - Continuous Support

I’ll take the time to understand your individual needs and build a partnership surrounded with mutual trust and respect. Whether it’s talking about nutrition research or providing resources, my approach will be concise and simple with no guesswork. I guarantee a fun and comfortable experience with continuous support to help you achieve your goals!

The Deal

Let me provide you with the skills and confidence to optimally fuel your body

As a dancer, you’re constantly faced with confusing and conflicting information around how to properly fuel your body throughout all stages of your dance career and as you transition out of dance. Centre Stage Nutrition provides nutrition consultations and support to help you reach your highest level of performance and build your body image confidence. 



What Services Do I Offer?

Providing 1:1 virtual consultations for aspiring, professional and retired dancers to help you achieve:

  • Skills to fuel your body’s changing needs
  • Energy for optimal performance
  • Confidence in your body
  • Faster Recovery after training & injuries



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Please note, the Centre Stage team has expanded.   I will be taking care of my new bundle of joy and back in business as of September.  See you then!